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It's no coincidence that three Vancouver musicians chose the German word "Autogramm" as the name of their band. It began as an idea in Berlin, Germany in 2014. C.C. Voltage and Jiffy Marx met on a canal in 2014, where they drank beer, smoked cigarettes and joked about a future band project with the focus being only to tour to sunny destinations. 

This reunion of friends happened while C.C. was playing in Berlin with Dysnea Boys, (with singer of California's Social Unrest) and Jiffy Marx was living in Brooklyn New York, where he started the band Hard Drugs with musical luminary David Bason and released an album produced by Michael "Mama" Tudor (Moby,The Strokes, John Cale). Soon after The Silo was also visiting Berlin on tour with his band Black Mountain. C.C. and The Silo were acquainted and would share European stages in the coming years with their respective bands. 

The Silo and Jiffy Marx were formerly band mates in V2 Records band, Blood Meridian, and when Jiffy Marx moved back to Vancouver the two friends began working on demos for a future project. The trifecta was complete when C.C. moved back to Vancouver in 2017 and Autogramm was born. The Silo continues to write, record and produce with bands like Destroyer, Sur un Plage and Lightning Dust, while Jiffy Marx also plays with his punk outfit Jiffy Marker. C.C. continues writes with his former band mate from the Black Halos, Rich Jones (Michael Monroe, Yoyos, Loyalties). 

All members have an impressive recording and touring history with bands like Black Mountain, Blood Meridian, The Spitfires, Lightning Dust, Hard Drugs, The Loyalties, The Black Halos, and Jerk with a Bomb and have multiple releases between members in various countries word wide. 

  • Jiffy Marx: Vocals, Synth, Guitar

  • C.C. Voltage: Bass, Vocals

  • The Silo: Drums, Vocals, Production

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