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We Love Our Satisfied Clients!

We are lucky enough to get to know many of our clients on a personal level.  On occasion, they will send us pictures and testimonials from their events for us to put up on our site.  When this occurs we are happy and thankful.  We enjoy sharing the experiences here, so have a look below!

Bethany & Matt C.

Chuck was a wonderful DJ at our wedding. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding and worked quickly on the fly for the ceremony and reception. He played a lot of our requested music and also threw in some of his own. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend Chuck to family and friends. - Matt


Erica C. & Allison S.

Chuck is extremely responsive and flexible. We had a bunch of last-minute changes to our sets, and he was super accommodating. He is very relaxed and so added a lot of calm to the occasion. Ours was a same-sex wedding; Chuck was comfortable with this and supportive throughout. He played awesome sets during the reception that kept everyone moving the entire night. He also served as the de facto emcee during the reception and announced everything perfectly on cue. We would hire him again in a heartbeat! - Erica


Maren & Andrew J.

We were really happy to have a friend recommend Snappy Little Numbers (Chuck) to us for our wedding this past weekend. At our initial visit before we made any decisions months before the ceremony, we knew we had found the right company. Chuck was extremely knowledgeable in many, many different genres from the classics, to hip-hop, ethnic (Jewish wedding songs), jazz, classical, r&b, even we even knew some of the same small local bands from years past.
Chuck went out of his way to make sure we had all of the songs we wanted played, and it happened just like he said it would. He mic'd us for the ceremony and completely took care of us with total flexibility. Everything was included, even songs he had to buy online were no extra charge and we got everything we asked for (he even came way out of his way to check out the venue on his own the day before the wedding and had a plan for the actual night). I couldn't wait to give him a positive review. - Andrew

Guyleen C. & Carolyn T.

If there was a way to give Chuck 10 stars I would. Not only did he check out the wedding venue in advance on his own time, AND provide Audio equipment for our ceremony and live music, he was absolutely spot on with our playlists and music management. We got so many compliments on the music and he helped make our wedding day unforgettable.
I wouldn't hesitate to use him for future events. Thanks Chuck! - Guyleen

Andrea & Andrew S.

Chuck was our DJ for our wedding at Villa Parker in Parker, CO in July.
I was pretty picky about my DJs going into planning this wedding my then-fiance would tease me about how picky I actually was and that I'd never find a DJ that could do everything I needed. Chuck nailed everything that I was looking for in a DJ. While I'm sure your needs will not match mine I'll list out everything I wanted and maybe that can help you.
1) I wanted a DJ that could play a lot of the music I like and mix it with the kind of music that the masses will enjoy as well. Chuck was able to find a good balance between the deep cuts and the music everyone expects at a wedding. I remember constantly thinking what an awesome song choice he had the entire time
2) Not be the center of the show. I had seen too many terrible DJs talk their way through the night. I asked Chuck to be as hidden as possible only making announcements when necessary. He was perfect in that regard!
3) Easy to work with. Chuck called me several times well before the wedding was near, offered to meetup, asked me how involved I wanted to be in picking music and his pricing didn't have tons of little stupid fees everywhere. The price we agreed on was it. Perfect.
Anyways, I highly recommend Chuck to anyone in the Denver metro area. Absolutely outstanding. - Andrew


Logan & Dustin B.

Chuck was great! He was the best vendor we had for our wedding! He was very flexible working with me and my crazy schedule so we could meet a few times before the wedding. We went over details and he made sure I was happy and knew what my vision for my big day was. He offered to help coordinate/help with timing at the wedding since I didn't have a coordinator, but I told him he didn't have to because my caterer offered. Well, the day of the wedding, my caterer didn't help so Chuck stepped in and made sure we started everything on time and kept the wedding going. He was a lifesaver! He also made sure to play the songs I requested when I was on the dance floor and kept the party going when I got pulled away. I've gotten a lot of compliments of him from my guests too. They told me he played great songs and was thankful he didn't try to act like an emcee all night. And he was affordable! I will be recommending him to anyone who is getting married.- Logan


Sarah P. & William B.

"Chuck set the perfect soundtrack for our night!"

Here are the top ten reasons Chuck made our wedding amazing:

10.  Patience is a virtue and Chuck has it. Right up until “go” time, he was flexible and understanding amid all the craziness of planning our wedding.

9.  He knows it all! He has a vast knowledge of music and made great suggestions for additional music beyond the typical wedding playlist.

8. Chuck is a true professional.  When planning our wedding it felt like everyone was trying to price gouge us on everything because it was for a "wedding", Chuck was a refreshing vendor. He was upfront and honest.

7. Timing was everything. The music flowed from the processional to cocktail hour to the dinner and dancing flawlessly!

6.  Chuck is just cool.

5. If we didn't want to hear a song, it wasn't played. Chuck asked us to give him our "absolute no" list and made sure those songs were not played. 

4. Chuck made it easy. Like SUPER easy! He told us we could give him 5 songs and he would fill in the blanks to compliment or we could give him the entire playlist for the night. When trying to pick songs, it was reassuring to know that we didn't have to think of  all the songs but could if we wanted.  

3. He is good. When we requested a certain version of a song and Chuck couldn't find a good file of it, he came back to us with other suggestions that were  VERY similar to the one we chose. It felt important to him to get us what we wanted.

2. The fun never stopped!  The music and dancing made our wedding so much fun, we wanted to do it all over again!

1.  It was about us, not him.  He listened to us when we said what type of music we wanted and set the perfect soundtrack for our night! 
- Sarah


Fiddler's Green VIP Lounge

Chuck has been our VIP Lounge DJ the past few summers at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater.  He has done a wonderful job of providing the genre specific music we need on a show by show basis.  He is very knowledgeable on music and plays a great set.  Our VIP clients really enjoy it!  He is very self-sufficient, organized, trustworthy and dependable.  He arrives on time, sets up and starts his gig!  On a busy show day, I definitely appreciate that! -Scott A. (Director, Premium Sales, AEG Live)


Stephanie F. & Tyler S.

Photo: Lucky PDX, Adam Tischner
Chuck was our DJ for our wedding in Estes Park this past weekend, and it was great. Prior to the wedding we put together a list of songs we like on Spotify so he could get to know our style. I wanted him to do his thing on the wedding night, but also play a few of our favorite songs. The wedding was awesome! He played songs we liked, but also played other multi-generational songs that got everyone dancing and having a blast. I know he did an awesome job of reading the crowd because others were complementing on how good of a time they were having. I didn't think it was going to be so fun dancing. I would recommend Chuck to anyone interested in having an awesome DJ at a good price. -Tyler