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Maren & Andrew J.

We were really happy to have a friend recommend Snappy Little Numbers (Chuck) to us for our wedding this past weekend. At our initial visit before we made any decisions months before the ceremony, we knew we had found the right company. Chuck was extremely knowledgeable in many, many different genres from the classics, to hip-hop, ethnic (Jewish wedding songs), jazz, classical, r&b, even we even knew some of the same small local bands from years past.
Chuck went out of his way to make sure we had all of the songs we wanted played, and it happened just like he said it would. He mic'd us for the ceremony and completely took care of us with total flexibility. Everything was included, even songs he had to buy online were no extra charge and we got everything we asked for (he even came way out of his way to check out the venue on his own the day before the wedding and had a plan for the actual night). I couldn't wait to give him a positive review. - Andrew

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