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Andrea & Andrew S.

Chuck was our DJ for our wedding at Villa Parker in Parker, CO in July.
I was pretty picky about my DJs going into planning this wedding my then-fiance would tease me about how picky I actually was and that I'd never find a DJ that could do everything I needed. Chuck nailed everything that I was looking for in a DJ. While I'm sure your needs will not match mine I'll list out everything I wanted and maybe that can help you.
1) I wanted a DJ that could play a lot of the music I like and mix it with the kind of music that the masses will enjoy as well. Chuck was able to find a good balance between the deep cuts and the music everyone expects at a wedding. I remember constantly thinking what an awesome song choice he had the entire time
2) Not be the center of the show. I had seen too many terrible DJs talk their way through the night. I asked Chuck to be as hidden as possible only making announcements when necessary. He was perfect in that regard!
3) Easy to work with. Chuck called me several times well before the wedding was near, offered to meetup, asked me how involved I wanted to be in picking music and his pricing didn't have tons of little stupid fees everywhere. The price we agreed on was it. Perfect.
Anyways, I highly recommend Chuck to anyone in the Denver metro area. Absolutely outstanding. - Andrew

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